“The use of traveling is to regulate imagination with reality, and instead of thinking of how things may be, see them as they are.” – Samuel Johnson

Aside from me being from the Philippines (although i am now based in Singapore since 2010) Boracay is just a 40-minute-domestic-flight from Manila and the island never ceases to amaze me every time i pay a visit. But why do i keep coming back to see it? isn’t it once is enough?

Then i asked myself the same question and myself has given me these replies or reasons back:

Inviting white sand beach of boracay

1.) YOU LIKE THAT PRISTINE WHITE BEACH: Although i’ve been there only 5 times, my urge to go back again is still there i should say. I remember my first time going there back in 2006, it was my first time to ride a plane (would you believe that? I’m a 21 year-old flying on a plane for the first time, well what could i say, we always have our first time and i think it’s better that never.) Oh well, so much for that and i might veer you off my topic. Ok, going back in 2006, i was so excited to fly to see a world class paradise i’ve been hearing about, i was so excited i had my hair dyed close to blonde and cut in a mohawk (which i honestly didn’t know why i did that, probably to look cool and in and yes I am not gonna post that throwback photo.) So I took a PAL flight and to cut to the chase, made it to the island, and boy was i mesmerized? Hell yah! The beach was like no other (at least compared to the beaches i’ve been to prior to that.) From that late morning i laid my eyes on it, until sunset that we had to go back to our hotel to change dry clothes for dinner, i was in heaven. I was in the white sands of Boracay.

So from then on, i told myself that i need to go back, if not too soon, at least sooner. And that sooner i meant i was back after 2 years, and that was 2008 then the following year 2009 then back again 2012 2013 and 2014 so we’ll see if i get the chance to come back this year.

Coral sand with floating green thingy (seaweed) which makes the coral even whiter


“Why does the sand on Boracay doesn’t heat up during noon time when the temperature’s really hot?”

And i got this answer from google: 

“That makes Boracay different from the rest of well-known beaches in the world. Actually, the sand is not really “sand.” It’s powdered corals that’s been through a process for thousand years, if not hundreds, study says. And yes, it doesn’t get hot even at the hottest part of the day. And the green thing that floats along the shore, that makes the powder even whiter, a German scientist on his study has found out. I’ve been there many times.”

Boracay island on a gloomy day yet you can think i -still-wanna-swim

And that’s just the best and fun part about its white sand that i super like, you can walk barefoot in the middle of the day without your foot’s sole getting toasted. And also, no matter what the weather is (fyi: i like taking risks of going there during monsoon or the rainy seasons as it’s less crowded and the airfares and hotels are extremely low, yet the chances of having a good weather is really not that bad and besides, if it does, the beach still looks good and inviting)

2.) YOU ARE ADDICTED TO JONAH’S FRUITSHAKE: Yes i am indeed. If I’m staying in station 1 (which i normally do) i will start and end my day with Jona’s FruitShake. i probably tried most of their flavors and so far my favorite remains the same: Mango Papaya with milk, Avocado milkshake or Choco Banana.

From the moment i start to walk along the beach or would go for an island tour, i would be carrying their recycled-mineral-water-bottle-container with my shake in it. To put it simply, it is like my water in Boracay as its refreshing and tastes really good.

Then once i’m done for the day, may it be just spending the day at the beach, island hopping or water activities or a massage, i will go back at Jona’s to have another set and some grilled-barbecues at nearby stalls to pair it with then will wait for the sunset (which is my number 3) and then will call it a day.

Sunset at Caticlan, Jetty Port

3.) YOU FEEL CALM AND CONTENTED WATCHING BORACAY SUNSET TO END YOUR DAY: Boracay sunset is really one of kind. the enormous horizon is filled with bright colors of yellow, orange, red(ish) in a beautiful transition from about between 5:30pm to 6:30pm and watching the sun sets down and change colors by the minute is just a perfect timing to reflect and feel thankful to all the blessings that we receives, all that job well done, or a great relationship we’re in or simply for being alive and enjoying the very sunset right in front of you.

What about you? What is the one place that you keep coming back to countless times and never gets tired of going to? I’d like to hear it.

And If you live far away from my country, i encourage you to visit and i promise you it’ll be worth your time and money.




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  1. What a stunning pictures of yours. Boracay is really an enchanting Island and it’s a new gem in the Philippines that will surely give you a relaxing and memorable vacation with your love ones or with some friends. Plus the Adventures that you can try so that your Boracay Trip will be more exciting. And a place that will give you a comfortable stay and a good night sleep. Check this newly opened hotel, named The Orient Beach Boracay. It’s just 5 mins ride away from the famous white beach Boracay and a 2 mins ride away also from Puka Beach by their complementary shuttle service. It has great amenities that will surely a good value of your money.with their clean room, cozy and a wide selection of breakfast that will surely satisfies your taste. Its just like a home away from home.. See you in your next Boracay Trip 🙂


  2. Boracay is really good!!! lovin PH.


  3. pagbabalik ka pa sa Bora, sama mo ako, hehehe.


  4. Whatever you call it, it looks stunning! 🙂

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  5. Everything you mentioned is on poiNt! I keep finding myself going back to boracay over and over again.

    I managed to learn some pretty amazing hacks on my boracay trips throughout the years. You can check them out if you like, just in case you don’t know any of those yet 😉



  6. This post made me miss Boracay!!! I so love the place most esp. Puka Beach 🙂

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  7. The two sunset pictures look fabulous

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  8. Hi there, no wonder you really love this place cox it looks awesome! I hope to visit soon. Me and my friends were just talking about it the other day. And nice photos!

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  9. We’ve been to places but Boracay is still my love and I’s favourite destination. He’s Aussie and he feels like he’s home when we’re in the islands!

    You have a great blog! Following you now 🙂
    x ❤︎ | LaineyLovesLife

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  10. Definitely adding Boracay to my list!

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  11. Looks like a great place to visit + next on my list! I just followed your blog and great quality photos!

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  12. Okay, this is on my travel list. It is BEAUTIFUL. Thanks for writing about this lovely place that I had never heard of. I thought the white sands and blue waters of Queensland in Australia were unbeatable, but I’m having to rethink that.

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  13. Boracay is really a nice place to visit no matter how many times you have been. I love Philippines and proud to be the Pinoy traveller . Good luck

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  14. Very nice photos, and what a beautiful place! We planned to go there back in 2013, but our plan got cancelled for my husband had to undergo hip replacement surgery. Our travel plans have changed and will be going to MAldive instead this coming October. Someday, maybe….

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  15. What a beautiful beach.


  16. I had not realized something had happened to it. Getting me worried, friend.



  17. I have never been much of a swimmer, but the sights of these island paradises makes me so jealous. While I love trees and mountains, there is something magical about the beach…

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  18. Looks awesome, definitely I’ll visit soon

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  19. Oh my god these are so beautiful
    I’m going to the Philippines in two weeks and I am so excited!

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