The hashtag explaining why I travel and why YOU should too!

I’m excited for 2016! I’m sure all of us are. I mean, who wouldn’t? It’s  a brand New Year, it’s 2016! It’s a fresh start for almost everything. If there are things we’re not happy about in our lives and want to change it, now’s the best time to do it and start to work on it and excecute those ideas and stop procrastinating. May it be a new job hunting, pursuing a new hobby, finally starting those new projects we have in our minds for quite sometime but doesn’t know when or how to begin, finally getting fit not for the purpose of getting attention but for the sake of being fit and healthy, then now is a very good time to start. And as for me: new travels.

And speaking of new travels, i don’t have definite plans yet but i know i’d like to travel as much as i could for this year and years to come. I’ve decided that travelling and encircling the whole world will be one of my life long goals.

You may think that i’m getting cray cray but think all you might but i’m sticking with it. We both know that You’re not getting any younger and so am i.

But why do i choose to travel instead of saving up for the rainy days? Why do i choose to spend for air tickets instead of investing my money elsewhere? Well, here’s the reason why:


#YOLO – As the hashtag goes, You Only Live Once, period. Even before this hashtag got popularized by the 2011 song “The Motto” by rapper Drake, it only make sense that we do what makes us happy. And travelling makes me happy so i’m doing it.

On new year’s day, my friend Jae and i spent the whole evening roaming around Orchard Road together with other friends. We were browsing thru year-end-sale-items particularly those
brilliantly-shining-golds-and-diamonds and she has shared with me that jewelries gets her excited and happy. And then i asked
myself silently, “What cheers you up?” And almost instantly, myself whispered back that, “Travelling is what makes you happy!”

That’s true, travelling gives me an itch, gives me adrenaline rush and gets me really excited.

And i want to keep myself in that kind of state that’s why i’m travelling. I can’t explain it but if i’m in a new place, i feel like i can be myself or better yet, be whoever i want to be since nobody knows me except those i’m travelling with.

I enjoy making D0-It-Yourself itineraries. From finding the cheapest tickets there is to booking my centrally-located apartment. From preparing the long list of things to do from day one all the way to the last day not to mention including souvenirs shopping. From researching where the locals eat all the way to where they party til dawn. I like doing all of that. Also, I like the idea of packing my luggage, from trousers to shoes, from pjs to toiletries and estimating the weight of my baggage considering an ample space for stuff i will acquire from my destinations.

And then my recent visit home before Christmas, a day before my flight to Seoul,  my dad and I had a moment of heartfelt conversation (trust me, it rarely happens) about travelling. He has shared with me that his close friends are asking him in a confused manner “Why is your son wasting his money in travelling?” and i was surprised about his response to them, “He’s just like that, my son is different, he won’t buy us material stuff but he will bring us on vacation. He will treat us a week on an island to enjoy.”

True enough, that’s what i’m doing. I was relieved he’s on my side. And i explained to him further that my goal is not to accumulate material stuff in this world and for what? I won’t bring it to my grave anyway.

I relayed to him also, that I don’t want to come to a point when i’m old and withered that that’s the only time i will roam around and travel and same case for them. I told him that i want them to enjoy life while we can cause these may not be material things to treasure but these are intangible experiences which nobody can take away from them.

And this is not just about myself after all. I want, not just myself but my family included to be involved in what i wanna do and not be trapped with the idea of the society. The idea of acquiring material riches, buy a piece of land, build a palace-like-house,  buy as many cars as you need, put up a business and count your deposits on the bank everyday and live-happily-ever-after.

Well, i’m not totally against it. In fact, i kinda like that idea too. But, what if we can inject travel on-the-side too?  But how? You’ll be diverted to the goal of acquiring the riches of the world? Well, at the end of the day, it’s all about balance and doing what makes us happy.

And finally, #YOUONLYLIVEONCE, we only live once. So do what you think will make you happy.


Well, i hope that what you do makes you happy.

If not, it’s about time to ask yourself “What makes you happy?”

“And, are you doing it?” If not, when are you planning to do it?

Life is like an ice cream, so we better eat it before it melts!


I’d like to hear your thoughts and let’s be friends on Instagram:  alvintravis1 and  traveldestinationsby7am

Say hi to me so i can follow you guys back. 🙂

Happy 2016!







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  1. I can completely relate to this… Spontaneous trips, planning your own itinerary, hoping no one catches you looking at Google maps at work…Now that I’m a parent, I want to teach my daughter to value experiences over possessions, as well.

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