When was the last time you did something for the first time?

I always find this question compelling. I am compelled in a sense that my objectives and ambitions in life should be one in an attempt not to stay boring and not to do things in an auto-pilot mode. I don’t want to stay boring not just in the eyes of others but most importantly to my own eyes myself cause I could care less of what others may think of me.

I’m worried for myself if someone is to ask me “When was the last you did something for the first time?” and i don’t know what to answer cause either i can’t remember what or when was the last time I did something for the first time or i’m not trying out something new at all. By something, i mean, could simply be trying out new food or new restaurants, new style and keeping up with the trend and continuously improving oneself and lastly, significantly-new-travel-destinations.

And speaking of significantly-new-travel-destinations, I’m happy to share with you that the last time i did something for the first time was just recently. So recent it was during the first week of the first month of this year. That was when I flew back to my hometown to attend to my high school classmate’s wedding. And I am telling you, it’s not my first time to attend a wedding but what we did the day after the wedding.

So my hometown is in Tanay, province of Rizal, country of the Philippines and there’s this another province sharing the same boundary next to mine where my family used to live which is Laguna. Within this provice of Laguna, there’s this town called Pagsanjan. And within this town of Pagsanjan, there’s this well-known waterfalls. Guess what, it’s called: “Pagsanjan Falls.”

Sorry for the long winded introduction but i just wanna say that i wanna cater not just for my local readers but also for my readers across the globe. So in case you find time and opportunity to visit the Philippines, you may wanna consider going to Pagsanjan Falls and i can honestly tell you it’ll be worth it.

We were supposed to go to Tagaytay on the day we went to Pagsanjan Falls but for some reasons some were unable to join so we ended up deviating from what was originally planned. Which is what I like the most by the way, to deviate from one’s plans. Not to do it on purpose but do due to unforeseen circumstances or simply that’s the art of travel so to speak. (If you happen to read my previous blog, you can relate to me. If you haven’t, you can click here to read)

Anyway, going back to my topic, I was feeling nostalgic of this article’s cover view from my elementary days’ ‘Social Science’ textbook or what it used to be as: ‘Sibika at Kultura’ or ‘HeKaSi’ if I remember it correctly. I desperately wanted to see it since we only live next town to where it is. But back then, life was so simple and my family seldomly go on outing or vacation. I guess it’s safe to say we go out of town at least once a year during school break and i don’t get to choose where to go.

Also, i don’t comprehend why it’s quite pricey for a dugout canoe trip. I mean, it’s a small banca and someone has to paddle, right? It’s simple.

Or so I thought, until the first week of the first month of the year when I get to experience it firsthand. And only then, i get to fully understand why.


These two amazing boatmen (one in front and the other at the end of canoe) has to row and paddle, pull and carry the boat if they must against the strong river current just to bring you upstream to the falls. The physical effort is real and apparent while you sit in the middle of the wooden, long and narrow canoe enjoying the breathtaking view of Pagsanjan gorge lined with huge boulders, rocks and small waterfalls.

Click here to watch the video:

Once you reached the natural pool below the falls, there is a raft you can ride to get you through the curtain of cascading water that feels-like-intensity-number-four-typhoon which is called Devil’s Cave that is behind the falls. The water fall is very loud, so loud I can’t even hear my own thoughts, but at the same time I felt peaceful and amazed by this natural creation.

The return trip is called ‘Shooting the Rapids’ and it’s a thrilling ride as the boatmen has to maneuver the boat through narrow rocks that felt-like-a-mini-white-water-rafting i experienced in Cagayan De Oro.

It was an exhilarating experience overall as i never knew it will be so good. The experience still lingers me ’til now and I’m certain it will remain that way for a long time as this is something i did for the first time in 2016!

This is me looking at the falls in person with my own eyes and not me looking behind my grade 3 textbook cause i think that’s two different things and the former is way way better.


If you honestly can’t think of anything to answer, it’s never too late to start something new you know. If you wanna do something different from what you’re currently doing, all you have to do is DECIDE. Once you’ve decided, then take ACTION on it.

Let’s be better from our old selves. Let’s do it together.



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  1. Hi, I am glad you appreciated the efforts of the boatmen to take you up river to the falls. It is hard work making a living this way.

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