Postcards from Seoul, Korea

With this recent blizzard or should i say snowpocalypse in the NorthEast America including some parts of Asia like China, Japan and Korea, and temperatures dropping down to 17 degrees in Bangkok, frost glistening in the highland parts of HongKong and Taiwan, i think this article of mine is particularly felicitous. Not that I experienced the above first hand, but let’s talk about the cold and crisp and sometimes bleak winter season.

It’s been two years in a row now: me, celebrating Christmas in Seoul.

First one in 2014: i was with my former and present colleagues who remain close to my heart over the years and we all decided to have a white Christmas together.

The second one in 2015: i was with my family, with my two sisters and their daughters. In the same agenda for them of seeing the snow for the first time and most importantly for my two nieces who wanted to hand-carry a carrot in their backpack in an assay to bring Olaf of the movie Frozen come to life. It’s funny, Summer believes she’s Princess Elsa while Keila is insinuating she’s Princess Anna.

On both occasions with almost identical dates, our itinerary was totally different. Of course, the former was fully packed with activities from dawn till late at night while the latter was a bit of a laid-back path as I needed to consider the kids, the below temperature weather, not to mention my three months pregnant sister.

I couldn’t decide which trip I liked better, as I think both trips has its own merit. Although 2014 was very tiring. So tiring, i remember i-was-smelling-like-a-granny-as-I-keep-0n-rubbing-those-mentholated-ointment-at-my-aching-lower-back due to non stop walk and commute for those touristy sites (i’m just saying) while this 2015 Christmas, we had a day of totally doing nothing. It was the day after we went to Lotte World and we just curled-up-in-bed-and-enjoyed-the-warmth-of-ondol for almost an entire day.

Even if 2014 was tiring, i felt like we did a lot of things and went to as many places as we could with as little as less than two weeks of stay. On the other hand, my 2015 was a little less tiring but we somehow managed to go to as many places as we could. I’m thinking, my 2014 experience helped me a lot in sorting our itinerary out and really focused on making it custom fit for the kids.

Right now, you may be thinking I’m a little crazy for having the tendency of doing things all over again (don’t worry, i sometimes do) but i’m telling you, even if you think they’re at the same place on the same dates, the experience was totally different since I was with a different crowd and i equally enjoyed the moments and memories.

Anyway, i’m glad i managed to spend two straight Christmas’ in a row now in Seoul and I wouldn’t mind for a third and actually making it a tradition as i always love their cold winter weather. I guess, when you live your whole life in a tropical country, you always long for something that you don’t have. That’s why westerners go to somewhere hot and sunny during winter holidays while those from the eastern side like myself goes to somewhere cold and frigid.

So here are some of my favorite snaps from Seoul. Let me know what you guys think. And hope you guys choose to celebrate winter holidays in Seoul, South Korea this 2016.











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  1. lol….love the photo of you guys jumping!

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  2. It looks even better in the snow.

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  3. Great photos! Love them all πŸ™‚

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  4. Seoul is an amazing city

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