17 Share-Worthy Instagram Flatlays Taken From All Over Europe Using iPhone


(1.) Paris, France


Crepes somewhere along Moulin Rouge, Paris France


(2.) Lake Como, Italy


Taken from the Weekend Market at Lake Como, Italy


(3.) Lake Como, Italy

Fresh produce from Lake Como, Italy. 

(4.)  Lake Como, Italy


Another fresh produce from Como.

(5.) Cologne, Germany

Taken from the Merzenich Bakery somewhere in the Neumarkt. 

(6.) Milan, Italy

Some dessert for your cravings. 


(7.) Warsaw, Poland

Probably one of my favourite – Podwale 25 
(8.) Krakow, Poland

Home cooked breakfast in our AirBnB apartment in Krakow.
(9.) Krawow, Poland

Duzy Box from EFES Kebab – Krakow
(10.) Krakow, Poland

Last meal i had in Krakow Airport before flying to Oslo. 
(11.) Oslo, Norway

This Viking Fjord kept me warm with Norway’s harsh springtime weather. 
(12.) Lake Como, Italy

One of the cafes in Lake Como
(13.) Warsaw, Poland

Love the combo of this pork knuckle and supersized beer. 


(14.) Milan, Italy


Coffee coffee coffee pls
(15.) Cologne, Germany


(16.) Auschwitz-Birkenau, Poland

Polish pretzel


(17.) Paris, France

Sumptous feast from Chez Gladines – Saint Germain in Paris, France. 
So which one’s your favourite? Well, if you ask me, they’re all appealing to me ðŸ™‚ but to be fair, i’d pick 13 and 17.

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